December 2017

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Why Do People Gamble at Online Casino Sites
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What is it about gambling that draws people to the online casino world? Why is online casino gambling one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment today?

Gambling is probably one of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world. Today people can take up their favorite gambling pastimes at online casino sites across the internet and are not limited to bingo halls, race tracks or poker rooms as in past years. Today’s gamblers can gamble at online casino sites wherever they want and whenever they want, giving them an enormous amount of freedom that they might not have experienced ten years ago. Online casino sites also offer a huge amount of variety, which is also something that wasn’t available to average gambler a decade ago.

One of the most important factors that draw people to online casino sites is the reward factor. While most people gamble for fun, the element of reward is still very much part of the picture. If gamblers know that at the end of the day they might get a prize – however big or small – from the online casino, they will be more eager to play. Prizes don’t have to be monetary, although winning some cash at the online casino is always appealing. Some gamblers are especially attracted to the cash element because they feel that money equals status and financial freedom.

There are obviously other reasons why people turn to online casino gambling, including the need to escape from reality. This kind of behavior should be treated like any other addiction. Thankfully, most gamblers will tell you that online casino gambling offers them fun, entertainment and convenience – all within the comfort of their own homes.…

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Lady Boy Takes UK Offices Storm
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May 11, 2006 (London, UK) – A viral strip poker game created for, the world’s leading online poker site, has become the latest craze in offices up and down the country. In-house server tracking shows the site has received over 30 million hits and the number keeps accumulating.

The viral tests the player’s poker prowess against on what first impression seems like a very attractive female, who obviously knows a thing or two about cards. This game of strip poker promises to be more interesting than the real thing!

Sara Waller, Marketing Manager of Bowmans, said: “At Bowmans we are all about being innovative – and in this case provocative – at the same time. And it seems we’ve scored a winning hand with our ladyboy. This viral has become just as popular as the Guinness dancing man screen saver that drove everyone bonkers several years ago.”

The highest volume of the new traffic originates from the UK and The Netherlands. “We are astounded at how this viral has taken off – and it isn’t just men who are playing it, women are just as into it as well. It may have something to do with good old British curiosity”, Waller continues.

“The game is lots of fun and it is definitely introducing lots more people to the game of poker, who can’t believe what they’ve been missing. This viral is our wildcard, but at the same time we never underrate what a skilled game poker is.”

Once the game has finished, the player simply forwards the viral to a friend, and moves on to get some serious poker tips from the pros.

The player gets to play ‘down and dirty’ in real gangland style via three short movies filmed in the streets of London, for that authentic underworld touch. These shorts help to pick up some hot tips from the poker professionals such as learning how to read your cards and your opponents.

The viral was designed Brighton based digital marketing company Kerb, using the latest video streaming technology.…